Answer:  It is NOT permissible to get a tattoo made be it of animate objects,inanimate objects or designs.

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is reported to have said "Allah has cursed anyone who joins hair together and the person to whose hair it is joined and those who make tattoos and those who make tattoos and those on whose bodies tattoos are made" (Bukhari)

Answer:  Yes,wearing a chain regardless of its size or metal composition is NOT permissible for men.

This is because chains,necklaces and earrings are for the beautification of women,and it is NOT allowed for men to imitate women or vice versa.

The Prophet Salallahu alayhi wa sallam cursed those men who imitate women and those women that imitate men(Bukhari)

Answer:  In a Hadith,The prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam once emerged whilst holding a piece of silk in his right hand and clutching onto a piece of gold in hie left hand.Thereafter he proclaimed,"Verily these two item are forbidden upon males of my Ummah(Abu Dawood)

The Fuqahha(jursits)state that for men to wear Clothing made from pure silk is NOT permissible.A shirt,trouser ,Blazer,suit or anything else made purely from real silk is NOT permissible.
However,if there is a strip of silk on one's clothing no wider that four fingers ,it will be permissible to wear regardless of the length off the strip of silk.For example,a strip of silk around the cuff equivalent to four fingers in width is wise to have a band of silk around the collar equivalent to for finger in width is allowed.

Clothes which are not made of pure silk but fabric resembling silk or synthetic will be permissible to wear on condition that the clothing does not resemble feministic clothing.(Ahsanul Fatwa,Vol 8,pg66)

Answer:  It is not permissible for a woman to wear imitation rings. However besides rings, it is permissible for her to wear other imitation jewellery e.g. earrings, chains, bangles, etc.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

Answer:  The alcohol used in body sprays are not those that are consumed as a drink. Also, it is not alcohol extracted from dates or grapes and it also evaporates. Therefore, to use it would be permissible. However, some Scholars prefer that one uses precautionary measures by applying it from a distance so it doesn’t stain the clothing, and to avoid using it at Salaah times.

And Allah knows best.

Answer:  If the perfumes contain alcohol which are made from besides dates and grapes, then it will be permissible to use and perform Salaah with it.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

Answer:  A person should be satisfied with how Allah has created him. He has created everyone and designed them in the best proportionate manner.

It is not correct to do any of the above-mentioned things.

Answer:  It is permissible to donate and transfuse blood if:

a) There is a desperate need to donate blood; b) There is no other alternative; and c) This has been prescribed by an expert medical practitioner. This permissibility is based on the principal of ?necessity relaxes prohibition?. (Al-Ashbaah)

However, the permissibility of blood donation and blood transfusion is determined by the following conditions:

a) The donor willingly donates his blood. If he is compelled to do so, it will not be permissible; b) There is no danger to his (the donor?s) life or health; c) If the doctor feels that the patient will lose his life and there is no other alternative but recourse of blood transfusion; and d) There is no fear of death but the recovery is not possible without blood transfusion. It is not permissible to sell one’s blood or to pay the blood donor. However, if one is in need of blood desperately and the only means to obtain the blood is to purchase it, then only will it be permissible to pay for the blood. NB. Blood donation and blood transfusion is not permissible for the sake of beautification or for any other reason other than genuine necessity.

The same laws will apply to bone marrow donation

Answer:  Once an animal has been slaughtered according to the Shari’ah method, any blood that remains on the body (on the meat) is Halaal. When cooking if this blood mixes with the gravy or water, it will remain Halaal. The blood that is Haraam in Shari’ah is flowing blood and this flowing blood has been thoroughly expelled when the animal bleeds after slaughter.

Answer:  It is best not to wear such clothes.

Unless you intend to imitate the kuffar, or do so out of explicit acceptance of the misguided ways of those people, it would not actually be sinful, and would not affect the validity or soundness of the prayer.

[Imitation of the kuffar is only sinful if the imitation was intended, or was in a think that is uniquely characteristic of them, as mentioned by Ibn Abidin in his Hashiya, and by al-Nahlawi in al-Durar al-Mubaha, and others.]

However, one should seek to dress like the believers whenever reasonably possible, and avoid other dress.

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