Answer:  One is obligated to pay Zakat on the current value of the shares that one owns in a company.

Answer:  It is NOT permissible to get a tattoo made be it of animate objects,inanimate objects or designs.

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is reported to have said "Allah has cursed anyone who joins hair together and the person to whose hair it is joined and those who make tattoos and those who make tattoos and those on whose bodies tattoos are made" (Bukhari)

Answer:  Yes,wearing a chain regardless of its size or metal composition is NOT permissible for men.

This is because chains,necklaces and earrings are for the beautification of women,and it is NOT allowed for men to imitate women or vice versa.

The Prophet Salallahu alayhi wa sallam cursed those men who imitate women and those women that imitate men(Bukhari)

Answer:  In a Hadith,The prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam once emerged whilst holding a piece of silk in his right hand and clutching onto a piece of gold in hie left hand.Thereafter he proclaimed,"Verily these two item are forbidden upon males of my Ummah(Abu Dawood)

The Fuqahha(jursits)state that for men to wear Clothing made from pure silk is NOT permissible.A shirt,trouser ,Blazer,suit or anything else made purely from real silk is NOT permissible.
However,if there is a strip of silk on one's clothing no wider that four fingers ,it will be permissible to wear regardless of the length off the strip of silk.For example,a strip of silk around the cuff equivalent to four fingers in width is wise to have a band of silk around the collar equivalent to for finger in width is allowed.

Clothes which are not made of pure silk but fabric resembling silk or synthetic will be permissible to wear on condition that the clothing does not resemble feministic clothing.(Ahsanul Fatwa,Vol 8,pg66)

Answer:  Eight conditions that must be observed before one performs Namaz.

1.To make Wudhu if necessary.

2.To make Ghusl(bath)if necessary.

3.Taharah (cleaniness) of body and dress.

4.Taharah(cleanliness) of place.

5.Facing towards the Qiblah.

6.Covering of Satr(private parts).

7.Niyyah(intention)for Namaz.

8.Performing Namaz at the prescribed times.

If any one of these conditions is ommitted,Namaz will NOT be accepted.

Answer:  Eight conditions must be observed before Namaaz.

1.To make Wudhu if necessary.

2.To make Ghusl(Bath) if necessary.

3.Taharah (cleanliness) if necessary.

4.Tararah (cleanliness) of place.

5.Facing towards QIBLAH.

6.Covering of Satr(private parts).

7.Niyyah (intention) for Namaaz.

8.Performing Namaaz at the preescribed time.

If any one of the aboveconditions is ommitted,Namaaz will NOT be accepted.

Answer:  There are six Farz in Namaaz.

1.Takbeere Tahreema(Allah o Akbar).

2.Qiyaam(standing position).

3.Qiraat(Recitation of at least three aayats or one long aayat of the QURAAN).

4.Ruku (to bow down).

5.Sajdahs (to prostrate twice).

6.Qaa'dah Akheera(to sit so long at the end of the last rakaat that onecan read the Tashah'hud)

Answer:  Things which have been proven to be done in Namaaz by the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)but not so much stress has been laid upon them as it is laid upon thing Farz and Wajib, are known as Sunnat.

If any ofthese are missed UNKNOWINGLY ,neither does it invalidate the Namaaz nor does Sajdae Sahw become necessary.

Answer:  1.To raise the hands up to the ears before saying Takbeere Tahreema (Allah o Akbar).

2.While raising the hands for Takbeere,keep the finger of both the hands Raised and facing the Qiblah.

3.Do not bend the head when saying Takbeere.

4.Reciting Takbeere Tahreema and other Takbeere Aloud by the imam according to the need, whilst going from one Rukn(posture)to the other.

5.To fold the right hand around and over the left hand below the navel.

6.Reciting Sanna.

7.To recite Ta'awwuz.

8.To recite the complete Bismillah.

9.To recite only Surah Fatiha in the third and fourth Rakaats of Fardh Namaaz.

10.To say Aa'meen (softly).

11.To recite Sanna,Ta'awwuz and Aa'meen softly.

12.To recite as much Qiraat as is Sunnat for every Namaaz.

13.To say Tasbih at least THree times each in Ruku and Sajdah.

14.To keep the Back and the Head in the same level while holding the knees with fingers of both the hands in Ruku.

15.Saying by Imaam SAMILLAHU LIMAN HAMIDAH inQawmah follwed by RABBANA LAKAL HAMD by Muqtadi.The Munfarid should say both Tasmi and Tahmeed.

16.While going into Sajdah ,first place the knees, then the hand and lastly the forehead on the ground.

17.In Qa'idah,placing the left foot on the ground Horizontally and sitting upon it and raisni9ng the right foot vertically so that toes are facing the Qiblah and resting both hands on the thighs.

18.To raise the index finger of the right hand as one says "ASH HADU ALLA ILAHA" in Tashahhud.

19.To recite Durood Sharif in Qa'aidah Akheera after Tashahhud.

20.To read Dua after Durood Sharif.

21.To turn the face for Salaam towards the right first and the to the left.

Answer:  In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Shari’ah emphasizes the need to protect the dignity and honor of the Human Race. This is fundamental for the normal smooth functioning of society.

One of the root causes for the general moral decay of the society at large is Gheebat (backbiting).Unfortunately; the evil disease of Gheebat has pervaded our homes, work places and assemblies. Gheebat (backbiting) is a very disastrous disease with devastating effects on the moral fiber of society.

As Muslims, the qualities of tolerance, acceptance and compassion should be the hallmark and inherent traits of our general character.

In principle, if the victim of the backbiter is aware of the backbiting, then it is necessary to seek his forgiveness. If he is not aware of the backbiting, then it is not compulsory to seek his forgiveness. However, in view of the magnitude of the sin of backbiting, one should still seek forgiveness from the victim of backbiting even if it is in a general way.[1]

It is advisable to make Du’aa of Khair and Barakah for the victim of backbiting.

Make sincere Tawba to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and make a firm resolution never to repeat the sin of backbiting. Don’t damage your good deeds through this tasteless sin.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

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