The demand for Halal products is increasing throughout the UK and Europe. The UK Muslim population of some 3 million is driving the market, currently worth in the region of circa £6 billion and rising. As the population increases across Europe, the consumers are becoming more aware of Halal and Haram and therefore are seeking out catering product and services which are Suitable for Muslims.

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Product Listing Enquiry Information:

The Muslim community generally obtains information regarding Halal products for consumption, in one of the following ways: -
  • By reading the ingredients listing
  • Not all consumers can understand E numbers, on ingredients lists
  • Products marked suitable for vegetarian
  • Occasionally products marked suitable for vegetarian may contain alcohol e.g. Ethanol
  • A Halal logo on the packaging
  • Nowadays not all Muslims will accept a Halal logo unless it has been authenticated by a recognised Muslim authority
This has led us to develop an organisation to provide advice and information which we will certify, verify, and monitor product and services for the Muslim community worldwide. This Website will contain product information, business directory , Islamic FAQ and much more to the suitability of all things for the Muslim lifestyle. As part of your response, and after the Information being checked by our Islamic scholars and qualified food technologist, we will list the validated products as Suitable for Muslim verified on our product pages and also on your company profile page.

Business listing enquiry information:

  • The key component of any advertising campaign is sourcing and targeting the right audience for your business.
  • We believe at is great market platform for both advertiser and consumer, because advertiser can target their preferred consumers one platform.
  • Consumers can view all companies offering the same product or services, leading to a greater choice.
  • Majority of online customer will research and compare before deciding to buy.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) is to ensure your business is highly visible. A good SEO strategy will involve a large budget.
  • By using as part of your marketing budget, we believe you achieve better awareness and access of information for your company.
  • Our company profile pages has been design too showcase your business information in multiple format eg. video ,still slide carousel, links to multiple site, logo display window, social media link ,and finally classified window display.
The following consideration may help in your evaluation whether your company would benefit from using Suitable For Muslim services.
  • Muslims wanting information regarding Suitable for Muslim (Halal) product and services has to contact the manufacture directly. Some people may do and some may not and just reject the product.
  • There may be a possible delay in reply by the producer or even no reply.
  • There will cost involve to companies in replying to each individual enquiry regarding Suitable for Muslim (Halal).
  • Your competitor may use our services and get a bigger exposure for their product.
  • Suitable for provides one central venue where consumer can access information and make an instant decision.
  • Majority of Muslims will purchase a product with authenticated halal logo on packaging or when information is provided to them even if it is slightly expensive.
  • Consumers searching on our website may not find your product and may react in negative manner, even if the product was Suitable For Muslim (halal).
  • We realise certain companies may be reluctant to have a Halal logo on their packaging due to reaction from certain pressure group. However they can still use of our validating services and put the information regarding halal on our website.
  • Charges made by Suitable for Muslim can be input as a marketing expenses to HMRC and similarly with VAT.
  • At present there is no comprehensive data base of information regarding Suitable for Muslim products on the world wide web. It is with this pioneering ambition we have launch this major project and would like to invite on board.
  • Further to our launching, we are proud to announce that we are in early stage of developing our sister site called suitableforvegetarian .com which will feature product, recipes, restaurant etc,.
  • In order that we achieve maximum exposure we have included other feature (business directory, e-bazaar, Islamic FAQ , event notice board, and Quran recitation 24/7) that will be off benefit and interest to the Muslim community.
  • The main component of any branding or marketing is confidence in the information provided.
  • As our services and website is worldwide, your branded product and services will get substantial exposure.