'Thank you for contacting the Wall”s Care line regarding the suitability of Wall’s Ice Cream for a Muslim and Vegetarian Diet.
I am pleased that you are interested in our products and I hope you will find the lists useful in deciding which Ice Creams are suitable for your diet.
Please refer to the list below as some of our Ice Cream do contain traces of alcohol and would not be suitable for a Muslim diet. I have also enclosed a list of Ice Creams that are suitable for Vegetarians.
I hope you will continue to enjoy our products and should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Muslim Suitability:

Magnum Classic - Not suitable
Magnum White - Not suitable
Magnum Almond - Not suitable
Magnum Ecuador - Not suitable
Magnum Colombia - Not suitable
Mint Magnum -Yes
Magnum Double Chocolate - Not suitable
Magnum Double Caramel -Not Suitable
Magnum Caramel and Nuts -Not Suitable

Solero Exotic -Not Suitable
Solero Smootie Strawberry -Not Suitable
Solero Smootie Blackberry -Yes

Frusi Exotic/Raspberry -Yes
Frusi Fruits of forest -Yes
Frusi Pineapple/Raspberry -Yes
120ml Cups Vanilla - Not suitable
120ml Cups Strawberry -Yes
120ml Cups Chocolate -Yes
120ml Cups Mint -Yes
Cornetto Classico 125ml - Not Suitable
Cornetto Choco Disc 125ml -Yes
Cornetto Mint -Yes
Cornetto Classico 90ml -Yes
Cornetto Strawberry 90ml -Yes
Cornetto Mint 90ml -Yes
Cornetto Chocolate 90ml -Yes
Calippo Straw Tropical -Not Suitable
Calippo Orange 150ml -Yes
Chunky Choc Ice -Yes
Milk Time Strawberry Pot -Not Suitable
Milk Time Biscuit Stick -Not Suitable
Mini Milk Strawberry -Not Suitable
Mini Mlik Vanilla -Not Suitable
Mini Milk Chocolate -Not Suitable
Milk Time Strawberry -Not Suitable
Frutie -Yes
Strawberry Split -Not Suitable
Simpson’s Sour Fizz -Not Suitable
Lemonade Sparkles -Not Suitable
Twister -Not Suitable
Chocolate Feast -Not Suitable
Viennetta Mint -Not Suitable
Viennetta Vannila -Yes
Cream of Cornish -Yes
Vanilla Soft Scoop -Yes
Vanilla Soft Scoop Light -Yes
Mini Choc Chip -Yes
Raspberry Ripple -Not suitable
Neapolitan -Not suitable
Chocolate -Yes
CDO Spagnola -Not Suitable
CDO Lavazza -Not Suitable
CDO Greek Yoghurt & Honey -Yes
CDO Strawberry & Yoghurt Delice -Not Suitable
CDO Triple Chocolate -Yes
CDO Crema di Mascarpone -Not Suitable
CDO Vanilla -Not Suitable
CDO Vanilla Light -Not Suitable'


Hello from Wall's,

Thank you for your reply with the message that was causing concern, Esack.

I was able to get confirmation from my knowledge manager that it is not the policy of any Unilever brand to advise on what is and what is not suitable for Muslim consumers. You mentioned that the message was imparted through Whatsapp we would not have sent any communication via social media (unless this was how a member of the public sent it to you).

As such it appears that this is not an official Wall's, or Unilever, communication. Without any more information on the source of this letter we would not be able to investigate any further.

I thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and I wish you every success with your exciting new endeavour.

Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us by letter or email. Alternatively, you can contact our Consumer Engagement Centre on our free phone number 0800 0280173 from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. One of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

We hope that you carry on enjoying Wall's and thank you for your continued interest.

Yours sincerely,

Aidan Ansdell
Consumer Engagement Advise