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Serving generations

AMS was founded in 1982, from a home office working with local businesses and sole traders in Blackburn. Over the last three decades we’ve grown with our clients into a nationwide firm offering a diverse range of accountancy, tax and financial services for clients big and small.  

We pride ourselves on having an entrepreneurial attitude and we’re as ambitious as you are, with a focus on consolidating and growing your business. And unlike most accountants, AMS is made up of a group of specialists who can work together to offer you a customised solution for your need.

AMS Corporate

As companies grow the importance of having a robust set of accounts becomes critical in being able to make sound business decisions, especially in light of complex financial reporting requirements. 

AMS Corporate works with growing medium and large-sized companies that are looking for financial and technical expertise at a strategical level via management accounts that can be delivered on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Audit (Statutory & Non-statutory)

Auditing is a requirement for all large companies, and producing a water-tight audit is a core area of our work. 

Our audit approach is built on detailed risk assessments and analytical review which involves understanding what makes each individual business tick.

Financial Reporting

Accountancy is not just about the data - it's about providing a set of coherent accounts that provide the basis for your business strategy. All UK companies are required by HMRC and Companies House to provide annual reports.

We can help you by preparing your statutory accounts and filing them with Companies House for you.

Forecasting & Reporting

A core value of our work is building long-term relationships with our clients. We take a pro-active approach to avoid any potential headaches at the end of the financial year.

Moreover we can provide the insights and technical knowledge to help your business grow by establishing long-term forecasting and cashflow projections. Get a better idea of where your company is heading by working with AMS Corporate.

Business Strategy

We're not just accountants - we've helped companies grow over the past three decades – from start-ups to established players. With a proven track record, and expansive network of contacts in banking, finance and industry AMS Corporate can help your presence reach it’s full potential.

AMS Medical

Financial performance, quality of care and accountability in the healthcare sector are under increased scrutiny than ever before, facing frequent government and private sector pressures. 

Our specialist healthcare team, led by Yasin Muminovic, understand these challenges and have a proven track record of helping healthcare professionals get the most from their financial and tax affairs.

Specialist Healthcare Accountants

With all the changes to the health service it's never been more important to have an accountant knows both the NHS and private healthcare sector.

AMS Medical is made up of accountants who deal solely with healthcare professionals, equipped with in-depth sector knowledge for a rapidly changing environment.

Managing the practice

Your accounts show you how your practice is performing. Our analysts can evaluate financial health based in key performance indicators, and benchmark your practice to competitors. Furthermore we'll be able to provide cash-flow projections and help develop a longer-term strategy.

Management Reports

If you’re applying for a loan, or would like to keep a closer eye on your practice’s performance we can provide quarterly management reports allowing you to track key performance indicators on a more frequent basis.

Dedicated personal service

When signing up with AMS Medical your dedicated healthcare accountant will be available for any questions you have each working day. No matter if you query or big or small, you can reach your us throughout the year, with all enquiries answered within 24 hours.

Tax Planning

We’ll handle all your year-end figures, and deal with HMRC in preparing your annual declaration of accounts. Furthermore with these accounting figures we can offer a range of tax planning options to help you maximise your profits and make considerable savings.

Buying and Selling a Practice

Acquiring or selling a practice can be a daunting prospect, especially considering financial and legal aspects. Planning to buy or exit a practice with AMS helps avoid the common pitfalls many face. Working with our network of specialist lawyers and bankers we will build a solid foundation for your future.

Tailored to healthcare professionals

We pride ourselves in offering a tailored service specific to your professio

AMS Management Accountants

At AMS we're passionate about small business. It's where we started ourselves back in 1982, so we feel well-placed to understand the challenges of running your own company - and we're as ambitious as you are in seeking to grow your business.

Unlike larger accountancy firms we retain strong links with our clients, helping them through the good times and bad. But we're also big enough to offer strength and depth across a range of areas many high street accountants would struggle with.

Growth Specialists

Ensuring your business is compliant from an accounts and tax point of view can be a huge burden. However, AMS can take care of this for you. We provide a range of compliance services such as annual accounts and bookkeeping, self-assessment tax returns, corporation tax returns and general company administration.

Risk Management

With over three decades of working with small business, we know what are the common pitfalls that many small business will face - from dealing with HMRC compliance to financial and tax planning.

Value Added Services

We can do more than just take care of your accounts and compliance matters. We have a wealth of experience in advising on business growth and strategy, and could add value through more bespoke services depending on your specific circumstances.

Succession Planning

If you are thinking of exiting your business, there are an abundance of factors to consider. We can advise you on the most efficient strategy, ensuring you are comfortable with every aspect of the process. If you are looking for a potential buyer, we can assist in the negotiations process. Alternatively, you may want to consider liquidating the business in order to extract cash more quickly.


If you are running a business, you will need to ensure you are fully tax compliant in all areas of tax from PAYE to VAT. This can be both time consuming and daunting, but we offer packages to ensure all these compliance areas are dealt with in a prompt manner. We can also go further by advising on tax efficient solutions and reliefs you may not be aware of.

Asset Protection

If you have assets that are high in value you should consider protecting them from your potential other liabilities, such as those associated with your business. There are many ways in which this can be achieved, for example, by using the advantages of a company or trust structure to ensure any asset is protected from creditor access.

AMS Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance department is a team of expert financiers and bankers who specialise in sourcing finance and maximising shareholder value. AMS Corporate Finance identifies and structure capital investment for clients on a local, national and international scale.   

With 30 years of experience we act as your financial adviser – whether you’re a blue-chip corporation or a growing start-up. From investment banking to strategic consultancy, we provide expert advice to help you.

Growth financing

If your business is just starting out, or you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to think about the best way of securing investment. The range of options can be mind-boggling. At AMS, we frequently work with small businesses and start-ups, advising them on the best route to take from a commercial and tax point of view.

Equity financing

Equity financing is a method of bringing in investment through selling equity (shares) in a company in exchange for cash. If you are giving up a portion of your company, you’ll need to know the most commercially viable and tax efficient option has been taken. At AMS, we are experienced in advising companies on bringing in investment, ensuring any deal is the right one for all parties.   If your company is eligible, there are also specific tax reliefs that can make any share purchase more attractive for an incoming investor.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M & A is a complex area, largely due to the number of factors to consider. If you are planning on acquiring or merging with another entity, you’ll need to think about how to structure the process. We can help you identify suitable businesses for a transaction, and advise on the most tax efficient structure to use.

Management Buy-Outs

Management buy outs can be a highly effective way of passing on a business to existing personnel, but the negotiations are usually are a difficult part of the process, where it is important to manage the conflicts of interest between the vendor and the buyer. Any deal should also be made with the business in mind, ensuring any change in ownership is as smooth as possible. We can help you in all stages of an MBO, providing advice in consideration of both the incoming and outgoing personnel.

Selling your business

If you’re planning on selling or exiting from a business, there are a magnitude of financial implications, so it’s best to plan early. We can help make your business more attractive for buyers, ensure any sale is structured in a tax efficient manner and be part of the negotiations to ensure the best possible terms are secured.

Business Plans

We help business put together plans suited to their long term objectives. In the past, we have helped many clients grow rapidly into established businesses from small start-ups.

  • AMS Taxation

    Taxation is an ever-changing area of legislation and complexity. Our tax team is made up on fully qualified technicians who build safe and effective tax structures to help safeguard your savings and assets.

    Corporate Taxation

    At AMS we are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of corporate tax matters, for both audited and non-audited companies. Being corporation tax compliant can be a big burden for businesses, but AMS takes care of the hassle and administration. 

    We manage the compliance process from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that your company tax affairs are up to date. Far from just ensuring your business is tax compliant, we can also identify areas of tax planning that could save your business money in the short and long term. This could include government-backed reliefs that you may not even be aware of, such as research and development tax credits, that could substantially reduce your tax bill.

    Personal Taxation

    Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or company director you will need to self-assess your income. This can be both stressful and confusing, particularly when January comes around. However, our personal taxation services simplify the process by assisting you at every stage. 

    We also get to know you and your requirements. By focusing on you and your objectives, we can also suggest ways to protect your wealth based on your individual circumstances and needs.

    Property Taxation

    Property and tax can lead to a magnitude of issues. However, at AMS, we focus on the potential opportunities. Whether it’s protecting family wealth through inheritance tax planning or maximising tax relief, by reviewing your portfolio, we can ensure that all taxes are mitigated as far as possible.

    Trusts, Wills & IHT

    Inheritance Tax is seen as the only voluntary tax in the UK. Do nothing, and you could lose 40% of your wealth. But by simply planning in advance, we can help you significantly reduce your tax bill. Depending on your circumstances, We offer a range of expertise and services that will enable you to pass on your assets in the most tax efficient manner.

    Capital Allowances

    Capital allowances are a form of tax relief for capital expenditure used in a business. Many businesses are under claiming capital allowances, particularly when it comes to purchasing commercial property. The process of identifying qualifying expenditure can be complex and technical, but we manage your case from start to finish, ensuring the maximum amount of relief is claimed. This could lead to a substantial reduction in your tax bill.

    Tax Investigations

    In recent years HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has increased the number of enquiries it conducts into the tax affairs of business and personal taxpayers. Dealing with enquiries can be time consuming for taxpayers even where HMRC finds no errors. However, as experienced advisors in dealing with HMRC, we can ease the pressure on you by managing the enquiry process and corresponding with HMRC on your behalf. We also offer fee protection insurance, meaning the costs of any enquiry are covered.

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